Duties and Responsibilities

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

Department of Student Affairs was established in accordance with the general provisions regulated with Article 51/a of the Higher Education Law No. 2547.

In the 31st Article of the "Decree on the Upper Institutions of Higher Education Institutions and Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions", the duties of the Department of Student Affairs are stated as follows:

a) implementing the necessary work related to the new registration, admission, course status, identity cards and scholarship of the students,

b) carrying out the graduation procedures,

c) fulfilling other similar duties in the context of student affairs to be assigned.

In this context; the following services are provided by the Department of Student Affairs, which carries out its activities through the automation system.

-Organizing the registration procedures and ensuring the registration of the students who are placed in our University with the Higher Education Institutions Entrance Exam (YKS) and additional quota,

-Arranging student documents, transcripts (grade transcripts), temporary graduation documents in line with students' requests,

-Following up the tuition fees and contribution payments,

-Arrangement of printing and updating processes of student identity cards via renewal of holograms every year,

-Fulfilling necessary transactions related to education/contribution loan and scholarships,

-Execution of necessary transactions regarding exemption, registration freeze, permission, disciplinary/penalty status, civil registration and residence changes,

-Follow-up of transactions related to student internships,

-Carrying out registration and other related transactions of students who are accepted to our University with horizontal transition, vertical transition, Farabi and Erasmus Exchange Programs etc.

-Receiving applications of internatonal students, realizing the evaluation and registeration processes,

-Making deregistration transactions of students in case of their own request, horizontal transfer and reporting deregistration to the relevant institutions,

-Notifying Measuring, Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) Presidency about YKS quotas,

-Notifying the OSYM Presidency about registration dates and place of registration,

-Preparing and organizing all kinds of statistical information,

-Carrying out the graduation procedures and issuing temporary graduation certificates and diplomas for the graduates.

We are responsible;

-to top management on fulfilling duties of the Department of Student Affairs in a healthy, timely and correct manner,

-to the students providing services of the Department of Student Affairs in a timely manner and reliable environment,

-for the protection of the movable commodities allocated for use in the duties of the unit and for the damages caused to the movable commodities during use.